Managing a successful practice includes strategic decision making and preparation, supported by high quality and timely records. Mircalemed aims to provide quality reporting that goes beyond traditional medical billing reporting. Your monitoring services will help your practice succeed in a health industry that is continually overturning and help you stay up against the pressures of a volatile and competitive business environment.The health of your practice depends on an efficient medical billing system and an efficient medical billing system shows satisfactory performance with important metrics of the revenue cycle. The quality of your practice relies on an efficient medical billing system and an efficient medical billing system implies adequate efficiency and success in the reimbursement process. For an efficient billing system, the medical practice needs monitoring to track and monitor progress and efficiently control these two tasks.

Mircalemed Medical Billing Company offers its services according to the speciality requirements in producing personalized reports. We realize the importance of your results. Mircalemed Medical Billing Services therefore provide superior protection when dealing with documentation and other confidential data as it is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. We plan to provide accurate reports to you, with knowledge that your practice needs for better performance.We include payment and charges documentation, receivables of transactions,  refund, procedural code analysis, policy analysis, payment analysis, pending issues of bulk and denials. Once you are our valued customer, we can provide personalized reports to you.

The comprehensive reporting helps to assess the practice’s health, monitor the status of claims in real time, proper financial analysis and comparisons, and document insurance payments.