Patient Services

Starting right from when a patient schedules an appointment with provider to the after encounter billing process, Mircalemed stays right with you providing patient services to its clients. Mircalemed is the answer to your worries if your practice’s AR is increasing. Mircalemed believes that their clients receive maximum collections from their patients.Our team of dedicated personnel is trained in billing and coding, medical software, and EHR/EMR requirements. We are equipped to serve practices of any size.

It is critical to the success of your business that your billing process is streamlined and targeted to obtain the maximum collection amount of all claims. Mircalemed team verifies the accuracy of your bills with our specialized medical software, and sends out physician billing statements on a monthly basis. This process eliminates mistakes and produces a high success rate.Monthly paper or electronic statements are dispatched by the patient services team of Mircalemed after ensuring that all balances are valid. Follow up team of Mircalemed makes follow-up calls after the completion of billing cycle to patients. Outstanding or pending accounts are reported to the provider after two months of the receipt. Additional services include providing a list of all outstanding accounts to get physician and administrative input, and providing self-pay statements along with the support needed to ensure timely reimbursement.