Elec/Paper Claim Submission

According to a new American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) report, 75% (three quarters) of health insurance claims are made electronically.It supports health insurance claims collection processes and suppliers within one month of receipt.This not only speeds up the process of filing claims, but also accelerates the AR period to the health care provider’s convenience.

For addition, government payers such as Medicare and Medicaid are required to file claims for health insurance electronically.

Resources such as electronic medical records (EMR), electronic funds transfer (EFT) electronic remittance advice (ERA), real-time adjudication, claim scrubbing services, coding software products and other development resources are becoming progressively required. Neither doctors have much time to deal with such complex processes. Giving the claims process outsourcing an attractive alternative. On the other hand, professional medical billers can effectively use available tools to pay claims and the claim denials.

Therefore, with the daily changes in insurance policies, it becomes more difficult to collect insurance payments, providers have a great incentive to utilize outsourced billing solutions. Mircalemed aims to make a flexible system available to all companies to promote and speed up the claim process. Mircalemed Clinical Management and Health Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) applications. EDI systems allow the practice to reduce increasingly tedious paperwork and manually file long forms, speed up your payments, receive payments quicker, increase your cash flow and minimize the costs of printing and mailing claim forms. Just a button or keystroke to apply your statements. To encourage clinicians to focus more on their patients – the center of your practice.

Direct benefits

  • Quicker claims submission,
  • Faster payments
  • Improve claims accuracy – reduce
  • Transcription errors and missing data
  • No printing and mailing costs
  • Spend less time resubmitting corrected claims
  • Reduce paperwork
  • 24/7 access to claims tracking
  • You can also submit paper claims manually, as the need arises.
  • Mircalemed recommends that if you are having internet connectivity problems, then instead of
    delaying submit paper claims.