Coding Services

Healthcare organizations including providers and payers must keep pace with ever-changing coding and
reimbursement standards and methodologies. Mircalemed offering remote coding that is a convenient
and cost-effective solution to meet your coding needs. Our remote coding services cover Inpatient, Out-
patient and ambulatory organizations. Mircalemed offers unsurpassed accuracy and exceptional results,
ensuring our partners realize improved operational efficiency, decreased billing lag time, decreased
employee turnover, and reduced turnaround time for coding services.

Why Mircalemed coding services?

Mircalemed coding solutions ensure high accuracy and guaranteed turnaround by using state of the art
systems that integrate remote coding and workflow management to accelerate task completion for
better and faster coding. Our certified Medical Coders have extensive experience of all types of coding
to meet the need of our

Our key benefits:

Experienced and certified medical coders
ICD-10 ready
HIPPAA compliant.
Increase Cash flow.
Easy to adopt.
Designated point of contact

Our experience and qualified staff will ensure to apply CMS policies, official ICD coding Guidelines and CMS regulations. We provide you the best medical coder that matches the needs of your organization.