A/R Management

All the money that patients owe to you for any service that is provided by your company and billing is referred to as receivables from AR or account.The aim of each company is to optimize their collections of AR, ensuring timely payments for their hard work.One of the most critical functions of medical practices is to handle AR as well.If your AR rises over the ERA, this means that your co-payment collection activity is slacking. This suggests inadequate practice management of AR that needs to be quickly corrected.

Unlike how simple it seems, AR management goes all the way from filing appeals, updating insurance contracts, dealing with insurance companies ‘ underpayment, managing deferred reimbursements, and dealing with bad or noncollectable debts. Fortunately with all this, Mircalemed will support you. Mircalemed handles your accounts carefully, managing all critical    functions in a way that benefits your practice.

For medical billing, the best practice is to improve the role of followup on claims to facilitate the payment process. Billing firms will assist practices for filing their claims within 72 hours of providing the services.

The filing of statements starts the process of AR. The faster the process starts, the more likely immediate payments are to be made.

Medical billing firms and applications for medical billing will help practice keep track of outstanding claims and old collections. This can help to reinforce the control role and ensure maximum collections.

For each and every payer, reports are produced to determine the behaviour in patient accounts.

Mircalemed’s dedicated AR followup team believes in diligent follow-up on all accounts.

Mircalemed uses any device, such as websites, faxes, IVRs and telephones, to communicate with insurance companies and win your collections